TRB 2017: Planning the Conference

If you’re into transportation in the United States, chances are you’ve heard of TRB: the Transportation Research Board, a division of the National Research Council. But more than just an important entity with the ear of the President, “TRB” has come to refer to convention that they host annually, in Washington D.C.- whereupon 15,000 planners and transportation specialists of all kinds descend upon America’s capital. The Board itself was established in 1920, and 2017 marks the 96th year of the annual meeting.

Well, I’m really excited for the Coachella of planning, because this will be my first year attending as an actual participant, representing RISE Viktoria as a researcher. (And not so secret transportation nerd.) The bags are packed and I’m (mostly) ready to go. Sunday is looking like a full day:

  1. Social and Economic Factors in Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, or Smart City Challenge Advancing Multimodal Mobility Best Practices at 9am (I still can’t decide which)
  2. Inferring Travel Choices with Games and Virtual Reality OR Urban Form Impacts on Transport Energy Use OR Behavioral Economics of Automated Vehicle Use in a Dynamic Pricing Environment at 1:30
  3. International Participants Welcome Reception at 7pm
  4. Young Professionals Reception at 9pm

Probably going to be a 14 hour day…or, well, I’ll have to cut myself off by 11 and be home by midnight if I want to get to the 9am sessions on Monday!

  1. Monday starts with Social Media and Travel OR Autonomous/Connected Vehicles: Implications for Infrastructure Design, followed by Understanding and Forecasting the Impacts of Carsharing and Bikesharing at 10:30 by Susan Shaheen (super excited for that one!)
  2. Low-Carbon Transportation in Smart Cities at 1:30 OR Toward Transit Automation, also at 1:30 (I cannot DECIDE)
  3. Urban Transit and Service Network Design at 3:45 (but would also like to stop into the poster presentations, specifically Evaluating Operational Effects of Bus Lane with intermittent priority session because Dr. Yan Song participated)
  4. Public Transit Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Countries at 6pm
  5. Planning and Environment Group Young Members Council at 6pm

Tuesday is a little more sane…

  1. Managing the Transition to Automated Vehicles, at 8am
  2. Disruptive and Transformational Technologies affecting Transportation (led by Susan Shaheen!) at 3:45

That’s it! Oh thank god. Because I am not sure when I am supposed to eat during all of these things. I’m probably going to join Dr. Golub and his colleagues at the Portland State University gathering in the evening as well, since I never heard back from Uber about their evening reception.

Wednesday, again starting at 8am (I am not going to love wading through DC Metro at 7am, am I) there’s…

  1. Technology Use in Travel Surveys OR Development of Low-Speed Urban Automated Driving Systems
  2. Current Research on Bus Rapid Transit Planning and Design at 10:15

Experiments and Innovations in Urban Environments at 4:30pm, until 6. That rounds out the evening. And Thursday is easy, the Active Transportation Operation and Demand Management in Connected and Automated Systems session, from 8am til noon. In the afternoon though, I’ll be headed to National Harbor to see the Local Motors showroom and microfactory, and come face to face with my first Olli! Olli will be coming to me later this year, in Gothenburg, as part of one of my projects. (Notice how many autonomous vehicle sessions I am attending.) Nonetheless¬†I want to get a look at it as soon as I can.

If you are also attending TRB, let’s meet up, or better yet find me in these sessions!

(I’ll also be Facebook Live-ing or Snapchatting from the conference the whole week, so…feel free to nerd out along with me if you can’t make it in person.)


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