It’s one thing to get around.

It’s another to look at the world around you and think, “why did the chicken cross the road? How did she get there? Did she take the bus, and how long did it take her to get to her stop? What kind of trips would the chicken make if she had access to mobility as a service, in the form of on-demand shared rides with other chickens?”

If this sounds like you, you’re probably a transitist.¬†Welcome to the tribe. ūüôā

There’s no firm, Merriam-Webster definition of what a transitist is because I’ve made up the term, but I feel like I am one. I think about mobility pretty much all the time, and like to daydream about new ways it can, will, and should express itself in society.

My name is Sigma Dolins. I am currently a¬†researcher at RISE Viktoria, a Swedish transportation research institute located in Gothenburg, Sweden. RISE Viktoria’s work is constantly pushing the boundaries of mobility and leading the way for the transportation industry, and I get to tag along for the ride!

This site is intended to curate transportation and urban development news, reactions, and commentary on all things transportation, and vehicle innovation. (You can also sign up for a newsletter and get the articles sent to you once a month.)

There may also be¬†not-so-serious debates about whether urban form impacts transportation or vice versa, or the superiority of Coca-Cola to Pepsi-Cola (hint: Coke), by me and the many smart people¬†who reluctantly hang out with me. You’ll see them as writers of their own articles, with intelligent and driven perspectives.

Ooh, transportation pun! #winning

If you’re interested in writing¬†for Transitist.co, drop me a line at sigma (at) transitist.co and let’s talk about your idea for an¬†article.